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Shrouded with Memory

A Remarkable Publication in the Memory of Prof. Dr. Abdul Malek

In 1944, Prof. Dr. Md Abdul Malek was born in a respectable Muslim family of  village Shikanika in Nabinagar Thana, Brahmanbaria district.

In the 1950s,  he was admitted in Fatehpur K.G. Bahumukhi High School, far away from his home, located three miles away and  he had passed in first place in every class. He was very talented. Needless to say, he was very good at English. His disposition was evident from an early age to read books. So he used to take book with him wherever he would go as his companion.

He passed SSC examination in 1960 with dignity and  HSC examination from Brahmanbaria College in 1963. He got admitted in the Jagannath College (now university) in BSc and took his BSc degree with honor . He was a visionary and ambitious. The main aim of his life was to be an ideal doctor  in 1965.The first aim of his life was to be a noble physician. So in the same year he was admitted to Chittagong Medical College in MBBS course and passed with distinction in 1971.  In 1973, he became an efficient doctor  and started his professional career at Upazila Health Complex in Nabinagar Thana, as a health administrator.

It is noteworthy that the Thana Health Complex was based on his time, and the hospital was raised through various setbacks and impediments. In particular, the former MP Mr.Siddiqur Rahman, try to make obstacles to establish the aforementioned hospital in his own village. But Prof. Dr. Abdul Malek was a prudent, intelligent and a rational minded wise man.

The Thana Health Complex was modeled and established by his strong and audacious leadership . He got married with Dr. Umme Salma, professor of Dhaka University, on 16 December 1974.

He was a very industrious human being. He used to work hard to make a successful life as well as began to study for higher education.  In 1976, he joined the IPGMR (Currently BSMMU) and joined Mitford Hospital as CA in 1978 and in 1980 was designated as the registrar in Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Later on,  in 1989 he joined IPGMR (At present, BSEMMU) as a lecturer in Microbiology . Gradually, he served the hospital as an assistant and associate professor. Finally, he retired from Dhaka Medical College, as a professor of the Department of Virology. Prof Dr. Abdul Malek’s personal life was very simple.

His position was very strict against usury and bribery. He was the symbol of honesty. He was also very devoted to administrative aspects, but all were satisfied with his accommodating and kindly behaviour . He aimed at serving humankind  in 1990, by establishing Naz diagnostic center  at Jatrabari. Afterwards, to develop medical education in the country, beside the government job he founded IMT institution to introduce medical technology and BSc in Health Technology courses. Then the government allow to operate laboratory, dental and pharmacy courses Diploma Medical Technology.  As a private institution IMT started their programme in 1999 at Mirpur, Dhaka. Similarly, later in Rajshahi, Chittagong and Comilla Diploma Medical Technology Institute was founded. With his initiative and the efforts, the first BSc in Health Technology (laboratory and dental) courses under the university of  Dhaka were established. His contribution in the sector of Health Technology is unforgettable. He used to think incessantly with imperturbable faith about how to reach people in remote areas with medical treatment. Though many of the MBBS doctors are being recruited in the Union health centers but in reality, they are not living there, they are living in the city. As a result large population of country and rural areas often are deprived of the health care. He was shocked to see this mismanagement of treatment and played a leading role in founding country’s first private MATS (medical assistant training school) . He founded the Dhaka-Mats, and Rajshahi-Dhaka-MATS, Udayan MATS, many students from Rajshahi are working to earn a living in public and private organizations, with dignity. Not only this, for his contributions, patients in remote areas are benefiting by country’s  Union hospital’s assistant community medical treatment. In addition, he established country’s first Dental college in private sector in Rajshahi division, which is known as Udayan Dental college and Hospital. He wanted to establish a medical college, nursing college, a general university and a Madrasa in his own village. At present, though the nursing college is established other wishes are still unfulfilled.

He breathed his last on March 29 in 2012. Died at the age of 68 years. He is survived by two sons and 1 daughter. His father was Late Munshi Amin Uddin Sarker, mother deceased Matijar Nessa. He has three children. He has developed every child as a well-educated doctor. Today his eligible eldest son Dr. Anis Malek has been trying hard to spread the education of  Health Technology across the country. His daughter Dr. Shirin Malek and younger son Dr. Arif Malek. They are inspired by their father’s ideals.

Today, those students who are graduated from his educational institutions and earning their livelihood by working in public and private institutions, they and the teachers and officials, all of us are really proud. May the Almighty Allah bless sir Prof. Dr. Abdul Malek and grant him Jannah.( Amen).