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Class attendance minimum 75%

All the students will have to pay their tuition fees by the 11th days of every running month.

If any student fails to pay the tuition fees by due date the next date to clear the fees are between 13th to 30th of the same month with a fine of tk. 200. If the fees still remain unpaid then for each month tk. 500 will be added with the regular fees.

Advance postdated bank cheque is to be submitted at the time of admission to the account’s debt. Completing total payment of development fees annual/ session fees, training and other miscellaneous fees.

Students have to pay the monthly tuition fees till he/ She passed the final professional BDS university examination.

Failure of payment in schedule time will be treated as defaulter and liable to be impose 2% fine daily on the various fees.

Before appearing any medical university professional examination, students must have to clear all the dues including tuition fees before the month of exam.

Students who will fail in the mid-Term or assessment examination will not be able to attend in the professional examination of Rajshahi Medical university.

The name of the student will be struck off from the college register if the fees remain unpaid for 3 months or more.

The students then will have to seek readmission on payment of full area due and also the readmission fees tk.50000.

Students will not able to withdraw any original submitted documents from the college until pass in the medical university final profession examination.

Students will have to carry ID card and wear apron will present in the college campus.

Students are expected to have maintained a high standard in their academy and private life. Lapses of moral values or addiction to drugs gambling or any other crime/ indiscipline are punishable offences.

No student will be allowed to participate in any political activities or any types of demonstration either within the college campus or outside.

The management of the Udayan dental college Rajshahi reserves the right to change or implement any new rules for the betterment of the institute.